Don’t Change your Residence – Just your Mortgage!

If you are like many people, you are very happy with your home and your neighborhood, but have considered refinancing your current loan for different reasons. You may want to lower your current interest rate to reduce monthly payments, perhaps you have considered a cash out refinance to help with those home improvement projects on your list, or maybe you want to explore your options to get rid of mortgage insurance. Whatever the reason you have to refinance, I can help you understand your options.

There are many different refinance loan programs available for you, determining the right one depends on your individual situation and current home loan. Some of the refinance loan types First Colony Mortgage offers are:

FHA Streamlines
VA Streamlines
Conventional Rate and Term
Conventional Cash Out
Conventional Consolidation

There may be times when refinancing your mortgage is not in your best interest. Let’s talk! I will be honest in letting you know if refinancing is the right thing for you.